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The popular logic-based games are very good for your health. These brain exercises have beneficial influence on your brain neurons. Doctors suggest logic-based games as a method of improving your memory, mental abilities, concentration and clear thinking.

This statement is proved by the following researches: Doctor Albert Frank in Zaire (1973-1974), Doctor Yee Wang Fung in the Chinese University of Honk Kong (1977-1979); in Venezuela in 1979-1983. The scientists came up to the following conclusions: logic-based games create numerous solution models, which may, by analogy, be applied in real life. Thus they teach methods of quick problems solving, promote intellectual activity, develop interests and create attitude of active learning.

Sudoku puzzles were popularized in Japan in 1986. However the real inventor of Sudoku is a mathematician from Basel: Leonard Euler. The success of Sudoku started just recently - in 2005.